The History of National Authors’ Day and How to Celebrate

National Author’s Day is a celebration that takes place every single year on November 1st, and it is a celebration which involves millions of people celebrating their favorite books and authors. Writing can be a very difficult profession that has a lot of uncertainty, yet still, there are many talented and passionate writers out there who are willing to sacrifice in order to create some amazing art and writing for the rest of us to consume. Millions of people are thankful for those imaginative stories and for the fruits of their favorite authors, so they take time at least once every year to remember, cherish, and celebrate their favorite literary works.

The history for this day dates back to the 20s, when Nellie Verne Burt McPherson is believed to have first suggested the idea of having a National Author’s Day. The General Federation of Women’s Clubs accepted the idea that McPherson proposed and the day designated was November 1st. This officially became recognized by the United States Department of Commerce back in 1949, and is an official observance day dedicated to writers.

Eventually, Sue Cole, her granddaughter, took over with promoting the holiday, and today millions of people choose to celebrate in a number of creative ways. That can be with reading their favorite books, having a special book meeting, sending an encouraging message to one of their favorite writers, posting a book review of their favorite works, and more. People can also celebrate by venturing out to find a new book that might become a favorite, as the general theme is to support writing in any way.

You could create your own party to celebrate your favorite book or author, and then invite other people to join in the National Author’s day celebration. The most popular way that people celebrate this holiday is by taking the time to write to their favorite author or by sharing with other people who their favorite writers might be. It is a day that is dedicated to all things writing and the books that talented writers have written for us. There are many great works out there that might not be known and authors that have spent a great amount of time creating amazing works that don’t get read, so taking the time to spread awareness about your favorite book or author can go a long way. It also helps to inspire more reading which is always a good thing. Millions of people love this holiday and there are many easy ways to celebrate right from the comfort of your very own home or wherever you might be, getting involved in authors’ day is easier than ever. Send a tweet to your favorite author, or message them on Facebook or Instagram; social media offers many ways to spread a positive review about an author or a book that you might like. It also helps you to connect with your favorite authors too and share with them how much their work has impacted you.

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