Finding a Local Writer’s Group

Every writer can attest to how isolated one feels when they are at work. Spending most of the time alone while writing can make you feel lonely, and hence, it would not harm joining a local writers group. Besides providing some sense of companionship, it helps you improve on your writing skills.

But how do you find such a group?

Tips on How to Find a Local Writers Group

Certainly, there are various ways and places for you to find a writing group, some of which we have highlighted below.
•    Establish a local community center: Usually, community centers in your region will host various annual events where individuals come to showcase their arts and skills. If you attend such events, you might eventually connect to writers in a particular group, who may have come to perform as well.
•    Search on social media platforms: Social media outlets such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are perfect platforms for writers. Here, you can connect to various writing networks and groups.
•    Join a local library: One of the places most writers would like spending time is at the library. Such places are perfect sources for valuable materials, and at times, events might be organized and hosted in a library. Enquire from the librarian about any significant happenings.
•    Find an association for writers: Although most associations may not be local, most of them include regional subdivisions. You can join one association from where you can get referrals to training workshops, where connecting to a writers group is almost guaranteed.

Here is a list of some local writers group in the United States.
•    Pacific Northwest Writers Association – accommodates all genres
•    Midwest Travel Writers Association – Travel genre
•    The Fellowship of Southern Writers – accommodates all genres
•    Northwest Science Writers Association – Science genre
•    Science Writers Association of the Rocky Mountains – Science and Photography genre


Writing groups offer a range of benefits, from promoting your work to healthily criticism and general motivation through interaction. Therefore, if you are a writer, do not hesitate in joining one as soon as possible.

If you can’t find any writer’s groups in your area, check out this video about how to start your own writing group.

If you have questions or need help finding your local writer’s group, reach out us Here on our Contact Page.